Dynaudio excite x18 review

High-end sound quality and elegant, slimline design. The Excite models can be driven quite effortlessly by almost any amplifier. Use them in stereo. Build a multichannel system. Even go active. Systems grow and change over time. We know you might not start off with a full-fat multichannel system or maybe you will, in which case step this way. Excite is all about versatility without compromise. A People's Choice Award. How to choose between active and passive speakers.

The Stand 3X. Subtotals Proceed to checkout. Active vs. Passive How to choose between active and passive speakers. The perfect choice for Dynaudio compact loudspeaker models The Stand 3X. In Germany, Fairaudio. And, from what we were able to read some of us aren't that good a German they really liked what they heard:. We are back with a new review. This time for the Excite X14A.

Dynaudio or KEF???

Want to know more? Hide map Find a dealer Search.Reinabut, sadly, I can see his face as I type these words. I can see his byline on the pages of the countless BJR reviews I've read. Bob described the sound of Koyaanisqatsi through the X14 as "blooming, airy, and powerful, with no overhang or loss of definition in the lower notes.

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I sit here, repeatedly pausing to look at the diminutive Dynaudios in quizzical wonderment. Could these little things really be playing this recording with this level of control and wideband resolution? Obviously, they could. Distort or overbloom? The Excite X14 would prefer not to: It is, like Melville's willful Bartleby, steadfast and not excitable.

I was immediately impressed with the X14's restraint and tonal impartiality. BJR described the midrange of this little Be aware that when a reviewer uses the word neutralit can mean a range of things on the spectrum between boring and fun: Boring neutral is typically bland, colorless sound; fun neutral implies lively and colorful, but ostensibly uncolored.

Very different things. The Excite X14's sound was fun neutral. How would the X14 handle less power? Speaker World To hear just how uncolored, loose or tight, open or closed, big or small the X14 actually sounded, I began with my No. While Schnabel's basic tone, impact, touch, and gradations of force were presented extremely well, I continually heard some of what I call short notes : notes whose leading and trailing edges haven't been softened or rounded, but just shaved off a little.

Not surprisingly, distortion by subtraction usually makes a speaker sound cleaner and more accurate. But the sound of real music can often be messy. On a piano, each treble note is actually sounded by three strings, simultaneously struck by that note's single hammer.

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The extra strings are there to add power to the note's voice and to sculpt the note's harmonic decay. The tenor notes have two strings each, and each bass note's single steel string is wrapped in copper wire to add mass, lower the pitch, and generate richer tones. The best speakers elucidate each note's precise moment of attack and its complex decay.

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Curious to hear if my perception of short notes was accurate, I switched to Todd Garfinkle's luxurious recording of Ito Ema playing J.In the past I have not been a big fan of Dynaudio loudspeakers, not that I doubt their quality, but somehow my rooms and the speakers never were a good match.

Number one is quality, this shows in the white finish and grey fronts of the review pair. Other finishes are satin black, walnut and rosewood, all with black grilles that are magnetically held in place. Small details that make a difference include the bevelled edges on the rectangular enclosure, metal parts on the drivers are grey, nicely matching the satin white, and the tweeter is recessed in the baffle, the woofer is not, but that might be to do with phase correction.

On the back is a large reflex port above a single pair of terminals, single because Dynaudio does not believe that bi-wiring is a good idea.

dynaudio excite x18 review

These speakers are not large at just over a foot high but they weigh a promising 7. Foam plugs are supplied for the reflex port to alter the roll-off of the bass, making the Excite X18 an almost closed system, which could come in very handy for rooms where bass energy causes problems.

All this is typical Dynaudio DNA. That is all Dynaudio tells you in the documents, even the crossover frequency is kept a secret. But they do reveal the nominal impedance is 4 Ohm and sensitivity 86dB, so on paper we need an amplifier that can deliver plenty of current, however Dynaudio made sure that the Excite is amplifier friendly.

Ethernet and digital cables are made by AudioQuest, power cords are Supra and the loudspeaker cables are from Simply Audio. Speaker stands are 61cm high Custom Design FS After many years of using heavy, sand filled stands I must admit that often a light open stand makes a loudspeaker more dynamic and honest in performance. True, such a stand could lead to a hard top end, but such is not the case with this well balanced Dynaudio. Sitting front row I look at two speakers about two metres apart.

Between the back wall and the back of the Excite is an 80cm gap and the speakers are about 50cm from the side walls. A slight toe-in gives the best stereo image, side wall reflections and neutrality. The Excite X18 tuning might surprise or disappoint long time Dynaudio users, but I was never happier. The X18 does go low on the frequency scale with the help of the port, but the bass is not overdone and that is probably why I liked them during the demo and in my own room.

Sound splashes from the cones in a passionate, vivacious play, I am surrounded with cellos and a tinkling harpsichord in an oasis of baroque music, projected sharp and defined into the listening room with a loose stereo image stretching from wall to wall but lacking in height and depth. The stereo image seems very natural with this music. There is not much to say about the sound itself, consider this a compliment to its naturalness. Dynaudio DNA stands for neutrality, purity and low distortion.

It is easy to follow the musicians and I never catch a false note or for instance a sharp edge in the high frequencies, too much bass or a coloured midrange. The lively and dynamic sound constantly attracts my attention and I find great pleasure in listening with my eyes peacefully closed. True, the amp and DAC are expensive in relation to the speaker, but I love the way they work together. Turning up the volume the stereo image gets deeper and gains in height.

The Excite X18 seems to love input power, but I never play too loud for the sake of the neighbours. Lively and fast are key words and when Melody laughs at the end of the song, I start laughing too. Gardot is impressive, she stands in front of the band with a grand piano behind her in all its glory. A bad system will put her in the piano, a better one against the piano, an improvement would have her in front of the piano and only the best systems put her two metres away from the instrument.

The scale for the X18 is a few steps in front off the piano. Not bad at all, it shows that these loudspeakers can project an accurate stereo image.

dynaudio excite x18 review

The sound is pure but on the small side at the beginning. When piano plays starts things get better but I have to wait for the drum solo to really love the way the X18 behaves. Tight, dynamic and with a great sound, within the natural limitations of a monitor loudspeaker this is an impressive result. My closed box monitors cannot put the drums on display like this.Analog cameras. Camera Accessories.

Camera bag. Camera Tripod. Digital cameras. Digital Photoframe. Surveillance Cameras. Gaming Chairs. Graphic cards. Input devices. Notebook Accessories. Optical drives. PC Speakers. Storage media. VR Headsets. CPU other. Computer Eyewear. CRT monitors. Display accessories. LCD monitors. External HDs. Harddrive enclosures. Tape backup. Graphic Tablets.Dynaudio is a name that really needs no introduction among music enthusiasts.

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Founded inin Skanderborg, Denmark, they are a preeminent loudspeaker manufacturer catering to all segments of the loudspeaker market including home, professional, automotive and multimedia. They are well known not only for the superb cabinet making skills with real-wood veneers and superior finishing but also for their OEM drivers that are used by many manufacturers. Having owned Dynaudio speakers for many years, I was looking forward to reviewing the Dynaudio Excite X The well packed box of the review samples that I received revealed relatively large speakers dimensions of each being mm x mm x mm W X H X D with a substantial weight of 9kg.

dynaudio excite x18 review

The cabinet itself is finished in a very attractive Cherry real- wood veneer that covers all sides except the front. The front fascia is beveled and charcoal coloured onto which the two drivers are mounted. A Dynaudio logo along with the removable grille, installed with pegs, completes the fronts. This speaker is a two way bass reflex design, the driver complement consisting of an 18 cm woofer and a 1 inch silk dome tweeter.

Around back is a pair of high quality 5-way binding posts along with a cylindrical port. The crossover is specified at 1. A lowish 87db sensitivity and nominal impedance of 4db rounds out the specifications.

This sensitivity and impedance combination implies that a decent powered amplifier, stable at lower impedances will be required to get the best sound. Other real-wood veneer finish options that are available include maple and rosewood along with black and white piano lacquer finishes. Overall fit and finish is superb and the beveled fronts provide an attractive feature to what, otherwise would have been a prosaic, rectangular box.

In my past experience with Dynaudio loudspeakers I realized that a good deal of break- in time is required to achieve optimum sound. Fortuitously, I was assured by Mr. Jasvir Bhatty of J. Enterprises, the Indian distributor of Dynaudio, that the review samples were adequately conditioned.

The on-line manual of the Excite series is very well documented regarding placement options, and I followed the advice of placing the speakers in an equilateral triangle configuration with respect to my listening position. Since these are rear ported, pulling them out into the room, helped smoothen out bass anomalies and the final position I settled on was 86 cm from the rear wall and about cm from the side wall.

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I employed sand filled 66 cm tall stands to mount the speaker, ensuring that the tweeter was roughly at my ear height at listening position. Next I toed them in slightly to focus the images, and was ready for some critical listening. There was no sibilance or any other distortions. I did notice that the speakers sounded better with the grilles off, and performed the rest of the audition without them.

However having heard this track numerous times I felt that the speakers had a slightly veiled presentation, lacking in ultimate resolution of finer details.

This album features Ustad Alla Rakha accompanying L. The macro dynamics of the performance was also well executed by the speakers, from what is otherwise an indifferent recording. The drum was quite impactful in energizing my room and the double bass was equally influential.

However occasionally I did feel that there was too much of a good thing going on, with mid bass tending to overwhelm and muddying the lower notes. Ultimately, proper placement will be the key to get the best bass from this speaker, and one can also consider the use of provided foam bungs to block the ports in case of adverse placement constraints.

Advance Acoustic X-i75 with Dynaudio Excite X18

Right away I felt that the SCM7 imaged better than the Excite, with more precise and well defined placement though the soundstage envelope as portrayed by both was roughly similar.

Large scale dynamics were better accounted for by the Dynaudio, although the ATC had a more nuanced performance and handled micro dynamics better.This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. This review first appeared in the January issue of hi-end hifi magazine fairaudio. You can also read this review of Dynaudio in its original German version. We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with the publishers. As is customary for our own reviews, the writer's signature at review's end shows an e-mail address should you have questions or wish to send feedback.

All images contained in this review are the property of fairaudio or Dynaudio - Ed. In life one meets each other at least twice. My first go'round with Dynaudio occurred at a time most non-conducive to making any good first impression.

I'd turned twenty and was deeply into heavy, trash and death metal. A speaker which as per 'Danes don't lie' company slogan was groomed for absolute neutrality and delivered on it simply sacrificed too much liveliness to seem boring to a young spunkster. Add a rep for complex filter networks with resultant load challenges. That meant twice the coin for new more potent amplifiers. Fast forward a few years back when Dynaudio's first Excite range married typical house-sound values with 'simpler' amplifier drive and greater spark.

Today's 2 nd -gen new Excite models promise more of the same, in fact "high-end sound from normal systems for the first time". Granted, what exactly constitutes 'normal' is up for grabs. It's also relativized by owner maturity. But it's a poignant claim nonetheless even if no dictionary will define exactly what 'high-end sound' might be.

Never mind, them was fighting words. My personal expectations were ratcheted high. If Dynaudio went to town with statements like these and a brand-new generation of speakers, one ought to expect something out of the ordinary.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Feb 22, 1. Messages: 8, Dynaudio Excite X14 Review That title isn't remotely fair at all, but maybe it got your attention.

Went to a high end audio store to see what they had. They had been part of a guy's 4. He must have made that decision quickly or lived alone, because these speakers are absolutely perfect and came with the original boxes and all the goodies. This was not an impulse thing. I have been looking for a pair of X12s for a while. Dyanaudios are rare in these parts. I like. I like a lot. The X14s are finished in satin black, with silverish trim rings and lots of visible Torx screw heads.

The woofers are set forward in the cabinets on overlapping aluminum rings, presumably for time alignment purposes. The grilles are nondescript black affairs with magnetic attachment. A knuckle rap on the side reveals no obvious resonance. Fit and finish is excellent. I can't find anything to complain about, and I like to complain. Moving on to the important part The speakers were set up on foam pads 50" apart, toed in to create the best possible image, and 50" from the lobey things hanging off my melon.

These speakers are a little harder to drive than some others that have passed through my hands, but that means that the signal meter hit dB at listening volume, instead of peaking at dB, so not a big deal. The amp had plenty of headroom and never even got warm. It took me a while to sit down to write this review, because I have had trouble finding the words to adequately describe these speakers. They sound nearly monitor accurate, but with some added smoothness and sweetness that keeps them from sounding dull or lifeless.

There is a fine line between boring accuracy and, well, Exciting accuracy, and Dynaudio nailed the speaker's namesake. They just sound damn good, and I can sit and listen to them all day without a hint of fatigue. Having said that, they are not the most perfectly honest monitors I have ever heard. Dirty material like Nirvana, White Stripes, and Radiohead sometimes sound just a little too clean to be convincing, if you know what to listen for, but that is a very minor quibble, considering how honest they are everywhere else.

The tweeter is tuned just right. The highs are all there with just the right amount of smooth presence that doesn't call attention to itself.

I would class speakers as slightly on the warm side of the spectrum, but just barely. The woofer doesn't go super low 50Hzbut it goes to its rated limit with agility and authority. Midrange also has just the right amount of presence, and male and female vocals sound equally as lifelike and realistic. Near-field imaging is superb, and the speakers are not terribly fussy about placement.

dynaudio excite x18 review

All instruments are accounted for in their proper space, and the lead vocal sits right on the bridge of your nose. Other than the dirty, grungy stuff mentioned above, I went through my usual speaker testing playlist several times, trying to find something to pick on and found nothing noteworthy. Far-field listening is where these speakers really shine. Speaker cable is again 12ga O2 free copper.

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